Visual Argument – Is personal branding important?

This is a visual argument for what it means to brand yourself. I would love to start my own business that caters to the younger audience who is looking to stand out among the crowd of job-seekers by helping them to form a personal brand and implement that brand through new and interactive forms of materials in lieu of the same old resume. The challenge of this kind of ad is showing the visual differences between the branded versus the non-branded job applicant – all without actually showcasing my actual interactive products, in this picture being an online portfolio.


I couldn’t figure out how to imbed the info graphic properly, so here is the link!



2 Responses to Visual Argument – Is personal branding important?

  • Lixinting2012 says:

    Cassie, I think you would be great at branding.I could be your very first customer when you have your own business. It’s a terrific idea and I think you will be a very successful entrepreneur! Great idea, branding the person instead of using a resume!

  • richardcolby says:

    I took the liberty of adding your image to the post ( requires that you pay money to download the image, but all I did was take three screenshots and combine them together in photoediting software). I think the branding idea is great. Your expertise (and ethos) might have been improved if you had either had more data in the first part, or offered some more branding options in the bottom part (branding reach through social media links, for example). This all requires a bit more expertise, but I thought I would get you to think about it a bit more. I don’t know if you have seen this, but there are a lot of people doing infographic and otherwise graphic designed resumes–here’s a Pinterest page that has collected a number of them.

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