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I was born in Austin, Texas but spent most of my childhood in the Dallas area.  My family moved many times so I attended four different high schools, a new school each year.  I decided to move to Colorado five years ago after graduating to pursue my passion in animal science.  I graduated from Bel-Rea Institute of Animal Technology in 2010 and have been working in the field as a manager and Certified Veterinary Technician ever since.

I am finishing my bachelor degree at The University of Denver with a major in biology and an ultimate goal to attend Veterinary school at CSU.   My passion is not only working with animals but the medical aspect as well.  I am drawn to the challenge presented by the continuously evolving field of medicine.   I grew up playing multiple sports such as soccer, volleyball, and track because I am competitive and love to develop new skills.  I am currently on a pool league with aspirations of being a hustler.  I love to mountain bike and run, my most recent race was the Colfax half marathon.  I love living in Colorado and have no desire to move back to Texas, don’t tell the family.






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  • richardcolby says:

    That’s a great pic, Jessica. It sounds like you already are on your way to following your passion in veterinary science. While you might not want to move back to Texas, if you have to be there, Austin isn’t too bad. I’ve been there and enjoyed it a great deal, although my frame of reference was that I had a great breakfast at Mi Madre’s, went to BookPeople bookstore, and saw the bats under the bridge. I was there for an academic conference, so really I spent most of my time in a conference hotel listening to people talk about writing and rhetoric.

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