Blog 3: What do others think good writing is?

In a blog post, summarize two outside sources about what good writing is.  One of those sources has to be video and the other has to be text.  The text source doesn’t have to be online–it can be from a book you own or otherwise have access to.

Although you may find the specific question (i.e., What is good writing?) addressed, you can also use sources that deal with framing questions about the topic (e.g., Does good writing matter anymore? How does one learn to write well?)

You should make sure to include links to these sources in the post or have a works cited in the post.

As far as how to organize this, it can be two paragraphs, the first about your video source that you found, the second about your text source.  Or, you can synthesize both in one summary paragraph (this might work if they are about the same specific topic).


  • 100 – 200 words


  • Blog post, Wednesday by midnight


  • Demonstrate understanding of summarizing different media and texts for specific audiences
  • Demonstrate understanding of finding relevant sources