Blog 4: Public Rhetorics

You have posted on public forums and a public review, so now it is time to reflect on this process.  In a blog post, describe the rhetorical situation of the two public writing assignments and how you approached them.  Who was the audience, how did you adapt your writing style and use of evidence to that audience?  What was your purpose?

In reflecting on the process and the rhetorical situations, you will want to quote yourself and link to the original posts you made on these other forums.  You are essentially writing a rhetorical analysis of your writing in these public forums (you might discuss exigence, kairos, logos, ethos, or pathos as well as audience, purpose, and your persona).  The quoted material doesn’t count towards the 200 words of this blog post, so make sure you spend lots of time analyzing how, what, and why you wrote the way you did for those public forums in addition to sharing large chunks of those posts.


  • 200 words


  • Blog post, Wednesday by midnight


  • Demonstrate practical knowledge of the concept “rhetorical situation,” through the abilities both to analyze and to write effectively in different kinds of situations.
  • Demonstrate proficiency with basic elements of rhetorical analysis (such as logos, ethos, and pathos) in a range of texts, and the application of that facility in their own writing.
  • Demonstrate the ability to produce writing that effectively provides evidence and reasoning for assertions, for audiences of educated readers.