Essay 1: What is good writing?

In an academic style essay, write an argument about what good writing is.  You need to integrate your own experience from your previous blog post as well as what others have said good writing is.  I would encourage you to also use what other students in the course have said as well.

This is a thesis driven essay, which means that you should have a controlling idea or clearly expressed statement towards the front of your essay.  Your controlling idea should be supported by a number of claims (e.g., good writing consists of precise language) that are then backed up with appropriate evidence (e.g., for example, according to Jones).

You will be integrating additional sources in this essay using MLA format for citations. See the MLA resources for how to integrate sources.  You will have a Works Cited page for this essay.


  • 500 – 1,000 words


  • This essay should be sent as a doc/docx file via email to by Friday (June 20) at 11:59pm.


  • Demonstrate the ability to produce writing that effectively provides evidence and reasoning for assertions, for audiences of educated readers.
  • Demonstrate the ability to incorporate and attribute or document source material in rhetorically effective ways.