Public 1: Forum Posts

You should find a public forum or discussion board on the Internet and make three posts.

The three posts are at least ONE question post, ONE post of expertise or experience, and ONE additional post that is up to you.  Remember, the people want useful and interesting conversations and not outsiders prodding the forums with annoying and hackneyed questions. Do your homework if you aren’t a regular participant of the forums; in other words, read the forums first to figure out what types of evidence to use or what style of writing is appropriate.

The three posts all have to be at the same forum but not part of the same thread (although they can be in the same thread).

The Forum/discussion board is entirely up to you.  If you are in to knitting, then select a knitting discussion board, video games, then go video games.  If you have never posted on a forum on the Internet, some discussion boards require you to be approved, so make sure you don’t do your posts at the last minute.  If you aren’t sure about the forums, just Google your hobby, interest, or major along with “discussion board” or “forum.”  You might also look at Reddit or 4chan, although some of the discussions that take place at these places can get mean.


Writing in public spaces risks two potential problems:

1. you may experience some objectionable or nasty comments about your post or the posts of others. The best strategy is not to take whatever happens in a public forum personally.  People like to blame the Internet, but this is just a feature of public writing throughout history.  Thomas Jefferson wrote in a letter in 1813, “I deplore, with you, the putrid state into which our newspapers have passed, and the malignity, the vulgarity, and mendacious spirit of those who write for them.”

2. Public writing always risks being removed or disappearing, so keep a backup of what you wrote and a link to the post or posts so that you can share these on Blog 4.


  • It depends on the forum, but you want to have approximately 100 words more or less


  • You should start posting Monday. You won’t have to share links or discuss it on the class website until Wednesday.


  • Demonstrate practical knowledge of the concept “rhetorical situation,” through writing effectively in different kinds of situations.
  • Practice writing in novel situations