Public 2: Product Review

A very prevalent type of public writing are product and media reviews.  In this public writing assignment, you will find an online store or website that posts product or media reviews and write one for a recent product or media you have experience with or have recently seen/heard/read.

You can write a product review on Amazon, a movie review at Metacritic, a game review at Gamespot, or whatever you want.  Whether book, movie, music, game, headphones, computer, iPad case, there is no limit as long as it is evaluating the product using evidence that would be appropriate for the potential users of that product.


  • Although you are less likely to see somebody challenging your review or your worth as a human being, you still should remember that public writing always risks being removed or disappearing, so keep a backup of what you wrote and a link to the post or posts so that you can share these on Blog 4.


  • It depends on the website, but you want to have approximately 100 words more or less


  • You should post by Tuesday. You won’t have to share links or discuss it on the class website until Wednesday.


  • Demonstrate practical knowledge of the concept “rhetorical situation,” through writing effectively in different kinds of situations.
  • Practice writing in novel situations