Blog 3: What Do Others Say is Good WRITING?

I found this excellent video on Youtube, “Why Writing Matters, Even if You Don’t Want to be an English Major.”  It is done by a guy named Fajardo and it starts us off immediately by capturing our attention with a Beatles song, “Paperback Writer.”  How appropriate is that?  He asked people everywhere a very simple question, “How do you use writing in your professional life?”  What he found out is that all positions, jobs, in life require writing.  My favorite quote he had on his video, “Wordsmithing is Everything.”  People write letters, reports, documents, memos, detailed work, notes, outlines, summaries and emails everyday in their life.  He shows people in all walks of life doing all kinds of jobs who use writing.  As the song comes to an end, he leaves us with this quote, “Writing is not just for English majors….Ask anyone.”   <<>>

Patty Limerick, a professor in Colorado who teaches Western American Studies, asks, “In the world of e-mail and texting, is good writing anachronistic?” (chronologically misplaced)  So she set out to find out.  She wrote a newspaper column in the Denver Post where she asked Colorado employers, “Do writing skills matter anymore?”  As a professor, one of her goals is for her students to have the ability to speak and write so that employers will be impressed and hire them.  Her personal link awaits the responses of employers.



2 Responses to Blog 3: What Do Others Say is Good WRITING?

  • Jess Smith says:

    Thanks for sharing the video, it was spot on. Writing is everywhere and unfortunately I think many people disregard its importance to society.

  • richardcolby says:

    Thanks Xinting. It’s an important reminder for people that no matter what profession, writing will be involved. It is one of the reasons we spend so much time on nonfiction writing in school because it is important in the professions. It is also important in civic matters as well. Next week is all about public writing, so there will be more there, but even here, Patty Limerick is a university professor who spends a fair amount of time writing for the public rather than academic audiences.

    A couple things about the writing in your particular post. Your summary for the FajardoWHS video was good. It’s ok to just paste the URL in to the post rather than angle bracket it. The preview makes it easier for others to watch the video. In the Denver Post summary, you don’t really give the specific name for the article, so without a works cited, it makes finding it difficult. In the future, for public writing, like a blog, make sure you use the specific title of the article and even link it with a URL by selecting the little chain icon when posting.

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