Greetings to all!  I was a bit lost out in the internet world but I found my way.  Thank you Professor Colby!  I am a bit on the shy side but I love learning and I love books, reading and writing.  I am a Chinese student and one day I hope to be a children’s book author.  I have a passion for reading and I want to pass that passion on to children.  I am here to develop my writing ability as much as I can so I am very grateful to be here and to get advice and critique.  I discovered books when I was three years old and have loved words and the images that words can form inside a person’s mind.  I love expanding my imagination and seeing where it will take me.  I look forward to this class and to all the writing assignments and to growing my writing ability.  I am a wanna-be author and someday I hope that all of you will say, “Oh, I know her.  She used to be in my writing class.”  Thank you again Professor Colby for presenting me with this unique opportunity to grow my writing abilities.  I will not let you down.

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  • richardcolby says:

    Greetings Xinting! Your passion for reading and writing comes through in your introduction. I’m glad you found your way here, and I look forward to seeing what you come up with this summer.

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