Literacy Autobiography

In my video I am trying to represent the most common forms of writing and reading that I use everyday.  I wanted the style of the video to represent how natural and frequently we use them.  Ultimately we may unknowingly rely on them. I showed my most frequently used forms such as emailing, Facebook, reading, writing school notes, and texting.  Social media is everywhere and has really advanced our writing.  It allows us to communicate quickly with many different styles whether it is an article, blog posts, or a personal profile.


As a kid I never really kept a journal or read books for fun.  I spent most of my time outside playing capture the flag or street hockey with the neighbor kids.  I tried to avoid teen magazines, I never really cared for the constant celebrity bashing or “what not to wear” but did occasionally read sports magazines.  In middle school, texting became very popular.  At first I didn’t really understand the fad, why would you not just call someone?  But sometimes it is much more convenient and now I use it everyday.   The next big thing was MySpace.  This was my first real exposure to social media.   The idea of being able to create an account online with pictures and have an “about me”  profile was intriguing because now you can create this more “appealing” image and portray your life to others with the positive experiences.  Then of course we now have Facebook.  I started using Facebook my first year of college about five years ago.  Personally, I love having one because it is easier to stay in touch with my family a thousand miles away.  I am the only one of my family in Colorado but I actually am able to communicate more frequently than before because of Facebook.  Even my grandmother has one!


Since technology has developed tremendously, sending letters in the mail has faded.  Actually, anytime I receive a personal letter in the mail I am thrilled.  So last year I made my New Years resolution, to send more letters.  Whether it be a thank you card or a birthday card, it’s always exciting to receive one so I bought multiple packs of cards and have been doing it ever since. I also used email as an example in the video.  Before I always thought emailing was for the adults and I never created an account until my senior year when applying for college.   Now, as an adult, it has become a bigger use in my life.  Sometimes it’s nice to just reach out with a personal and private message immediately rather than the wait of sending a letter.  Email is also very helpful when communicating with your teacher.


Social media has influenced my writing more than I realized.  I initially viewed the Internet as a waste of time or for procrastinating.  I never realized how much I actually depended on it and how it has affected me.  We can learn so much from it with IMG_0215the availability of reading and writing and the variety of styles and ideas.


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    Cassie Cortright says:

    I love your resolution to send more handwritten letters and cards! However, great point on the fact that social media has made it so much more useful for long distance communication. Do you feel like social media has changed your writing in any way over time?

  • richardcolby says:

    Your video isn’t working, and in the media library, it’s unreadable so I cannot fix it. Might you upload it to youtube or try to upload it to the blog again?

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