Mindfulness Meditation How-To for Beginners

I decided to make a how-to video on Mindfulness Meditation. Being a recent beginner myself, I wanted to outline the simple steps for other new beginners with still pictures that they could look at and try themselves. Meditation isn’t usually what people think, so I wanted to dispel some assumptions while giving a quick guide!

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  • richardcolby says:

    I enjoyed the video because you had a lot of great info and the sequence of the still images supported your voiceover well. Was the thought process to do the still image approach a technical choice, personal choice, or artistic choice? Maybe it was a bit of all three? The ISO was a bit high to capture the lower light in the room, so the images were a bit grainy, but it is a minor issue here. BTW, I loved the very end as it made the video even more persuasive (obviously, pathos, but the authenticity and your personality also came through, so the ethical appeal, or moreso, implicit ethical appeal–we too can be as centered as you appear if we practice mindfulness meditation–was also there).

  • Lixinting2012 says:

    I’ve always wanted to try meditation. I have read many articles on how beneficial it is to our overall health. My parents meditate so I guess as a statement of rebellion it was something I wasn’t going to do. But I have slowly been changing my mind and your article has convinced me. Good job!

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