My photograph shows that for women voters, Hilary Clinton is not only the best choice, she is the only choice.  Hilary is the preferred choice for this group of voters who have been waiting for 30 years to see a female candidate win the White House.   Hilary  is constantly in the public eye and her popularity has not lessened in spite of several scandals that happened when she was the first lady and when she was the secretary of state.  She is very popular with gay and lesbian voters of all ages.  She appears to be the front runner even before she declares her candidacy.  Placed in front of the American flag,  there is no other candidate.

Hilary’s politics are liberal and although she has not stated an official position as a candidate, it can be expected that she will have a lot of things to say about women’s pay, time off for family or even sick pay for the lowest paid workers.

Disappointed voters may be looking forward to her candidacy for these reasons and because they have been waiting so long to see a female candidate that actually has a chance of winning and becoming the first female president of the United States.



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  • richardcolby says:

    Ethos in visual argument is often expressed through expertise. When we see something professional, we are more likely to trust the source. I’m not sure your design shows that expertise. I also wonder about the tagline–it’s almost as if I saw this without seeing what you wrote, I would think that you wanted me to vote against Hilary Clinton since you are saying you want me to vote right (i.e., republican in American politics).

  • richardcolby says:

    You are always welcome to revise whatever you want. You can just go back into the post and hit “edit” and change whatever you want.

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