Visual argument- Which life would you choose?

This is my baby, Henry as the model.  I chose to do this topic because I have actually never seen an advertisement for it before.  Working in the animal field, I have seen several pets come into the hospital reeking of a dirty ashtray.  It really makes me feel for the pets, and what breathing must be like for them. Second hand smoke can effect your pets just as much as humans.  They can even develop lung cancer, chronic allergies, or asthma, which can shorten their lives, and they don’t get that choice.

So which life would you choose for your pet?



Visual add 2

2 Responses to Visual argument- Which life would you choose?

  • richardcolby says:

    Did you go buy a pack of cigarettes just for this shot? That’s dedication. What I like about the design is how you got Henry to look so sad in the first shot. That’s some pathos right there! Because, as you point out, this isn’t common knowledge, I would have liked a bit of copy in the bottom right hand corner that had a few words that plainly said that secondhand smoke doesn’t only affect humans. You do a great job using Henry as focal point since you aren’t in the right hand image, but one still might miss the point of the argument.

    Cassie Cortright says:

    Seriously great pathos! However, I feel like as somebody looking at the ad I would definitely have a greater reaction if there was some smoke coming from the cigarette and as the professor said, some text explaining what it really meant. I’m a bit more logical, so a little something to apply some explanation and maybe even a source for some logos would be great.

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