Week 2

Welcome to week 2.  The writing assignments in week 2 are a bit more difficult because you are going to be moving into some potentially novel rhetorical situations.  On top of that, you will be applying and writing about something that will be new to many of you–rhetoric.  As I will say a few times, rhetoric is the art of persuasive communication.  There are a few definitions of rhetoric as you will see on the PowerPoint I prepared for you; however, the one that I have found most useful is the art of persuasive communication, where “art” actually means “technique” or skill (from the Middle French art, ca. 1000 AD).

For this week, just go to Learning Module 2 at the Schedule and get started.  I would encourage you to get done early–the dates are there as a guide, so don’t feel like you have to wait (in fact, I would strongly suggest that you begin thinking about Essay 2 starting as soon as possible).

As always, email me with any questions you have.