What do others say is good writing?

One of the most important and recognized aspects to writing is the audience.  First impressions will be made and you may potentially be overlooked if lacking a clear message.  As supported by Mathew Alanis’s video, “You need to stand out to the reader to ultimately have them commit to completing the rest of the document. Good writing is something that people want to pick up and read”.  (Alanis Business Academy).  Writing should have personality and be similar to how you would speak.  Give your readers an opportunity to relate to the story.

A valid opinion I enjoyed from Ann Handley was, “Every good writing has a good editor”. (Brand Driven Digital).  An outside perspective is essential to a successful story. The layout plays a large role as well.   The sentence structure needs to be clear and easy to read. “Instead of having one large block of information, you can separate the topics by utilizing paragraphs, bullet points, or headings to avoid intimidating the reader” (Alanis Business Academy).  You want to draw the reader’s attention to the things you find important and the message you are seeking to convey.





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  • richardcolby says:

    It’s interesting that both pieces mention layout and design. This is a good thing no matter where or what you are writing. Even in school, when your professor wants APA or MLA style, by simply following it, you are telling your audience that you know how to follow the design that your audience expects.

    I did have a few questions for your. What do you think about the presentation of Alanis’s lecture via video? Do you think he took advantage of the medium like the video that Xingting posted? As a student was this appealing to you?

    Thanks for sharing these. Just some brief advice, similar to the advice I gave to Xingting. Without the angle brackets, the URL will show a preview of the video, and that is a nice thing that allows people to immediately click on the video. You can always go back and edit your post or just keep that in mind for future posts that have video. For the Handley article, thanks for the title. In the future, you can always link in the blog to the video by selecting the little chain icon on the blog post menu.

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