What do others think good writing is?

Firstly, the article that I chose critiquing how to write is actually a letter written by C.S. Lewis in response to a children’s’ fan letter. In 1956, he laid out five points to good writing when she asked him for some professional writing advice. He cites using clear language, plain direct words, concrete nouns, replacing adjectives for words that make the reader feel the adjectives, and words that fit the subject correctly as the five most important ways to make sure that you are writing correctly. I found it interesting because he is a writer that I enjoy due to his connection and emotion that he portrays to the audience. He hooks you with his eloquence and I was not expecting him to say that the most important parts of writing are making sure that you are clear and concise, teaching in his short lesson that less is more.


Secondly, I chose a video that almost in contrast says that Millennial’s brevity of communication in their writing, due to the conditioning of social media, is causing an inability to secure jobs in the professional world. Jeff Dunn, an Intel campus relations manager says, “Writing skills — people don’t write as much as they used to. They’re texting, so they forget to write in complete sentences and articulate their written skills professionally”. From this point of view it seems as though today, generations above the Millenials see the evolution of technology and our frequency of use as an inhabitant towards our ability in writing. 



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  • richardcolby says:

    Here’s a new word for you: perspicuity. This has been a hallmark of good writing for thousands of years. It has also been challenged by some. For example, famous education philosopher John Dewey and novelist Mark Twain wrote in a perspicuous style, and some have called them “folksy” or simple. That said, I prefer perspicuity in writing.

    The video is seems an example of how we like to rewrite the past. Jeff Dunn probably thinks he wrote more when he was in school, but students today are writing just as much today, and in some cases more, than students of yesteryear. I do wish there were more opportunities for writing for different audiences in school. I think there is a lot of emphasis is placed on academic writing and reading and not near enough on civic writing.

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