What is good writing?

Writing is not just about the proper grammar and punctuation, it is a form of expression that allows us to voice our opinions or ideas on any given topic.  Depending on your interests, a good read may be a non-fiction or some form of education such as a documentary, memoir, or biography.  There is the more fantasy aspect of writing with the fictional mystery novels or fairy tales.  As for me, I enjoy all of the above.  Typically I would confer good writing is a story created with a concise flow of words that is creative yet remains focused.  Ideas should be presented clearly and logically keeping the audience in mind with the appropriate writing technique.

As technology has developed, our styles of writing have transformed.  We now have the ability to communicate through blogs, emails, or online forums.  We can voice opinions to strangers by leaving reviews about an experience or a product.  Virtually our lives are greatly affected by writing and most people use this as the preferred form of communication.

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  • richardcolby says:

    I see a tension in your definition that interests me. You mention “appropriate writing technique” which is actually very important. The philosopher Richard Rorty once posited that he wanted a day when scientists would write as poets. The problem with that is that science requires precision that the layers of good poetry might occlude. You also mentioned that you enjoyed a wide number of genres, and that good writing is “creative yet remains focused.” Audience is important in writing–in how you write and in what evidence you use–but there’s no reason not to add a little creativity once in awhile.

  • cortr100@mail.chapman.edu'
    Cassie Cortright says:

    How do you feel about the abilities that technology has given to writing? Do you think that it is a positive or negative in the writing world?

    • Jess Smith says:

      It depends I suppose. Typically I find myself noticing the more negative effects of technology because it is so heavily depended on. This is creating a lack of personal interaction because we have the ability to just text, email, or even Facebook vs. taking the time to go meet and connect with others. Also writing may not always be interpreted correctly, it is more difficult to express personality and mood through text and can create tension. But that’s a whole different topic! There are of course positive aspects as well though. The ability and freedom to express our opinions online through blogs or profiles is great. I especially enjoy reading reviews about new places or restaurants to see what kind of an experience people had.

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