What Is Good Writing?

I always produce my best works when I am writing about something I am passionate about. I believe a good writer has the innate ability to connect with his or her readers. They are able to pose questions and force readers to think beyond the text. Good writing is a work done by careful craftsmanship; The more effort and time I spend on a piece of writing, the better it gets. I know Even in our digital age, my creativity always flows best with a pen and notepad. I believe writing is the most basic form of human communication; however, with good craftsmanship, it is still more powerful than any other mediums.

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  • richardcolby says:

    You understand the importance of connecting with an audience in your definition. I would only challenge you on the innate ability part. Ericcson, Krampe, and Tesch-Romer did a very famous study in 1993 (that was later popularized by Malcolm Gladwell, although in parts erroneously), that showed how much deliberate practice mattered in our development of skills. The ability to connect with readers takes a lot of practice, and it isn’t really innate. That said, don’t panic. You’ve most likely been writing for some time, in school, in business, in personal matters, so that you know a lot more than you probably realize.

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