What is good writing?

For me, writing is about expression. I have always enjoyed argumentative and informative essays while I have struggled with fiction. However, slowly but surely, writing has become a form of art for me, a way to convey meaning and intention. I now enjoy poetry and other forms of prose, and for me writing has become something as a form of human connection. Whether it be to inform, debate, or simply express, I believe that “good” writing is of a quality that is able to be read by your audience and that properly follows whichever format you are using. Writing that moves us and causes us to act or change our mind is writing that carries some sort of identity through it’s style and presentation. You know it’s good when you don’t want to put it down, and when it captures your attention and truthfully holds it. For me, it is in this connection with another’s humanness and the ability to turn ideas into words that constitutes good writing. While the Internet does broadcast to the world everybody’s voice to influence others, I feel that it is actually a useful tool that connects readers to writers in which they are trying to target. The Internet has created many different forms of outlets for written expression and allows for an audience that believes it to be “good” if found and appreciated.





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  • richardcolby says:

    I see that strategic communication background coming through in your definition of good writing. Connecting with an audience is an important factor of good writing (there’s more about this next week). I like that in your definition there is a mystery–that it “moves us” and that it “captures” attention. We study writing to better understand how to capture our audiences’ attentions. Of course, we have been doing this for some 2,500 years and we still haven’t cracked the code totally. After all, every author in a medium wants to capture an audience. We want to communicate our ideas clearly and precisely, we want to sell a million albums, make people laugh in a theater, or get that grant money for our research project.

  • Jess Smith says:

    I love and agree, “writing is a form of art” and how we have the opportunity to enjoy the many different styles. I typically find myself reading biographies and non-fictions but I have recently been trying to broaden my perspective with some fictional stories.

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