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Hello everybody!  I am excited to publish my first video to YouTube!  I have never done it before.  It took me a long time to get it uploaded (I’m terrible at 2 things: English and internet).  What I am doing is teaching the audience how to say several things in Chinese.  Unfortunately, my video was not long enough so I may have to do 2 of them to satisfy requirement.  The words I am teaching you to say in Chinese are: Communicate, writing, literacy, blog and visual argument.  Those are important to us but not to anyone else so my audience would be anyone who wants to learn those words and anyone who wants to laugh at me for my pronunciation.  Yes, English is hard.  In my next blog I will tell you how we learn English.  It may surprise you.

YouTube link:


I decided to add another video because the other one, not good enough!  Too short!  I’m excited anyway to even have a video.  So please click on the link and you can watch me teach you to say Hello, thank you and a few other important terms, in CHINESE!  Have fun, I did!




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  • richardcolby says:

    What a nice, first attempt. Good job! Your video didn’t include “visual argument” in Chinese (it seems to have cut off at the end). If you are doing another video, a couple of things to keep in mind. When teaching words in a foreign language, it’s a good idea to pronounce them twice, or even split up multiple syllables. Say the English word, then say the Chinese word twice and then the English word again. You also shot this as a vertical video, which I’m not a fan of, but it’s not your fault (see this article).

  • Lixinting2012 says:

    Professor Colby
    I added a new link with a new video and this one is not vertical yay! Please watch

  • Jess Smith says:

    Great video and idea! The first video was a little hard to hear, I agree that it would be easier if you repeated the word in Chinese a few times. Some slowly and some in a normal pronunciation. But thank you for sharing! That is so cool.

  • richardcolby says:

    I still wasn’t able to access the second video. Could you upload it to Youtube and post the link in this post?

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